SAT Tutor Success Stories

I’ve been a full-time SAT tutor in northern New Jersey for over fifteen years. Here are comments from some of my students:
-Mike Rosenstark

“I LOVE SAT Tutor in a Box! Without it, I would have done no work at all to prepare for the SAT. But the whole thing is so easy and convenient that I actually used it every day, and my score went up a lot too. Thanks, SAT Tutor in a Box!

Drew K.
“I have just finished my first viewing of SAT Tutor in a Box. I cannot believe how much material is covered, and how thoroughly and clearly all questions are explained. I learned so much in one viewing, and I am planning to sit down and go over it all soon. Thank you SAT Tutor in a Box for making it so easy!

Matt P.
“While preparing for the SAT, I was bombarded with tons of information. Tons of books, services, and people were constantly overwhelming me with tons of facts, tips, and secrets pertaining to the three hour test, and the preparation for it that was taking over my life. However, SAT Tutor in a Box changed all that. The discs organized all the information I needed to know about the test into different sections. By breaking each section down into its basics, it became easier to recognize the different types of questions. While I was taking the SAT for real I was able to confidently recognize the solutions through the information I learned from the DVDs. The advantage I gained from using the discs was definitely worth the time and effort it took to use them.

Katelyn C.
“SAT Tutor in a Box is like seeing your tutor every day! You can go over lessons if you didn’t understand the day before, and every topic is hit. Not only does Mike show you how to answer a question, but he also gives reasons for why other answers are wrong, so you learn to avoid careless mistakes. SAT Tutor in a Box teaches you all the tricks to acing the SAT, and if you don’t get something, you can just rewind!”

Michelle K.
“SAT Tutor in a Box is amazing product–you can study for the SAT while watching TV! It’s awesome!”


“SAT Tutor in a Box is an unbelievably innovative system that not only makes preparing for the SAT easier, but has also had an extremely positive effect on my scores!”

Brandon G.

“When I first started preparing for the SATs, the whole process felt overwhelming and just plain scary. I was worried that the only points I would get on the test would be for writing down my name. However, with SAT Tutor in a Box, I was able to conquer my fears of the test. The DVDS allowed me to focus in on my problem areas and helped walk me through certain topics, like Math, that I always had trouble with in the past. The SAT Tutor in a Box helped improve not just my SAT score but my overall confidence with test taking and school work, and made me wonder how anyone took the SAT without them.”

Jason B.
“These DVDs are amazing. Before working with them, I used to get so bored when I tried to study for the SATs from a book. SAT Tutor in a Box are so much better than that! Interactive studying with understandable explanations is much more helpful than skimming a book. Thanks for making this easy for me!”

Marla W.
“SAT Tutor in a Box further enhanced my SAT skills by providing me with an at home, visual lesson which allowed me to be taught the information I did not know, and to greater strengthen those areas in which I excelled in. The DVDs allowed me to work at my own pace and if I was confused on an issue, all my problems were solved by the exemplary explaining done by the narrator.”

Jason R.
“At first I thought I knew a lot about the SATs and its questions, but once I started watching the DVDs I realized that I needed some help. SAT Tutor in a Box provided that help and made me learn a great deal. Using SAT Tutor in a Box gave me a great, interactive approach to learning math, critical reading, and writing for the SAT. The best feature is the skip button, because it lets you skip parts that you know and just focus on the parts that you need help with. SAT Tutor in a Box worked with me rather than leaving me to try to learn things on my own.”

Jared D.
“SAT Tutor in a Boxs is a great study guide for anyone taking the SATs. Using SAT Tutor in a Box, and a little effort, I raised my SAT scores with ease. The methods on the DVDs, in everything from Math to Vocabulary, worked for me and could work for anyone.”

Alex G.

“I can now feel confident going into the new SAT. SAT Tutor in a Box makes it easy to learn everything from parallelism to how to fill out the scantron. I can’t believe how much my scores increase after each practice test–I can almost say I’m excited to take the SAT!”

Glenn W.
“SAT Tutor in a Box is a must have for students serious about doing well on the SAT. It’s a quick, fun and easy at home tool to get yourself prepared. Using SAT Tutor in a Box is a great way to make sure you do well on the day of the test.”

Frank F.

“SAT Tutor in a Box is the perfect tool to help you learn the material on the test. Each question is very well explained and helps you understand each and every problem.”

Jason J.

“SAT Tutor in a Box have been a great asset to my preparing for the SATs. They are easy to understand, comprehensible and fun at the same time.”

Melissa D.

“SAT Tutor in a Box helped me to understand new concepts and review ones I had already learned. I could try the problem by myself and then watch the explanation on the DVD to clarify anything I didn’t understand. It also taught me faster ways to set up problems and figure out solutions. Overall, it allowed me to try things on my own, check the solutions and prevent future mistakes.”

Lauren M.
“At first, I had to prepare for the SATs by using boring, repetitive books. I would get sidetracked constantly, and it would be very hard just to sit down and get started. With SAT Tutor in a Box, it makes preparing for the SAT’s not only enjoyable, but more productive than using a book. SAT Tutor in a Box not only gives you tons of information on how to do each type of question, it also gives step-by-step instructions for every example in the book. SAT Tutor in a Box offers a fun, effective way of studying for the SATs.”

Zach L.
“The new DVDs are great! They really help you understand the material. All the disks really helped. They answered my questions in a simple and understandable way. They’re also really easy to use, a great tool.”

David S.


“SAT Tutor in a Box is a great program that really helped me a lot. The DVDs are very interactive, and cover all of the material a student needs to know in an interesting new way.”

Randi T.
“When it came time to study for the SATs, I found every excuse. After hearing about SAT Tutor in a Box, I went out and got myself a copy. After watching the first DVD, I was hooked. It helped me stay focused on studying for the SAT. It came with a workbook that went along with the DVDs and my attention never drifted from either. Thank you SAT Tutor in a Box!”

Avi F.
“I really did think that the SAT Tutor in a Box were a big help. I love the feature of being able to skip anything I want. I also think the fact that certain concepts get repeated really helps you see if you’re understanding the material. Overall SAT Tutor in a Box helped me learn how to do many specific problems, and it also taught me important test-taking tips for the SAT.”

Jesse M.
“SAT Tutor in a Box not only helps you know how to do the problems but it gives you the shortcut techniques to get there quicker. It really works.”

David L.

“SAT Tutor in a Box have really helped me to improve my vocabulary and all of my test-taking skills. I am so much more confident about taking the SAT…thanks, SAT Tutor in a Box!”

Alyssa N.

“SAT Tutor in a Box is a great tool to use to understand how the SAT works. It not only teaches you the material, but the inner-workings of the test as well. The explanations and lessons stick in your head long after you press ‘stop.'”

Dana S.
“Thanks to SAT Tutor in a Box, my scores have improved dramatically!”

Blake R.

“SAT Tutor in a Box greatly increased my score in all subject areas. The exercises taught me how to improve weaknesses and exploit strengths to achieve an impressive final score; overall, it’s a useful tool that’s definitely worth the price.”

Dan C.

“SAT Tutor in a Box are the greatest learning tool for the SAT. They keep you very focused and allow you to process difficult material in a very manageable and even entertaining manner. I truly believe that having such a visual presentation provides for much easier and much longer term retention of the material.”

Melissa C.
“I strongly suggest SAT Tutor in a Box for any student taking the SAT. From only going over the first couple sections on the DVDs, I have already learned a lot. Test-taking skills, tricks, and how to prepare for the exam are just a few; the first disc of math was also a great review for me–some of the math topics I hadn’t reviewed since last year. I recommend these DVDs to all students taking the SAT this upcoming spring.”

Samantha W.

“SAT Tutor in a Box will take you deeper into the heart of the SAT than you ever expected to go. Nowhere will you find a guy that studies, knows, and lives the SAT more than Mike, nor a tool that is easier to use than SAT Tutor in a Box.”

Dan A.


“SAT Tutor in a Box are so cool! They helped me to learn everything I needed for the SATs in a fun and creative way. They’re really useful because you can stop and rewind whenever you want, and every question is followed by a complete and detailed explanation.”

Rachel F.
“SAT Tutor in a Box is a beneficial tool because it allows the user to stop and start problem solutions whenever he or she would like. The solutions are clearly explained, and diagrams and numbers are shown. The DVDs not only teach you what the answer is, they teach you how to get there on your own.”

Amanda S.

“SAT Tutor in a Box have been tremendously helpful. I really feel that using the DVDs and the accompanying workbook has helped me to improve, especially in the identifying sentence errors section. It is now easier for me to realize what’s wrong with sentences and I feel that I am doing much better in that section.”

Dana W.
“SAT Tutor in a Box have been great assets to me as far as preparation for the SAT. Ever since I began to study the DVDs, my practice test scores kept rising. One factor that is very useful is that they are able to be rewound, so one can re-learn what he or she has forgotten. The DVDs have been an enormous help to me and I would recommend them to all high school students to aid their preparation for the SAT. I do not know how different my life could be had it not been for the dvd’s, they are worth every penny because there is a reason to why so many more people succeed in achieving higher SAT scores.”

Girshel B.

“SAT Tutor in a Box opened up a whole new world for me. I actually enjoy working for the first time in my life. Thanks!”

Stacey B.
“SAT Tutor in a Box is an excellent way to prepare for the SAT. I like to use them after I come home from my regular SAT tutoring session. It helps to enhance whatever I worked on with my tutor. The workbook makes it incredibly easy to follow along with the DVDs. Each lesson is very easy to understand and goes over? everything that could possibly show up on the actual test day.”

Paige L.
“I think SAT Tutor in a Box are great! They are really helpful, and it’s really easy to follow along in the workbook. They take you step by step through each type of problem that may be on the test so you feel prepared. I recommend SAT Tutor in a Box to everyone.”

Sloane B.
“SAT Tutor in a Box has changed the way you study for the SAT. Without even leaving your couch, you can learn everything you need to know about the SAT. It made studying more fun, and my life less stressful. Every student studying for the SAT should have this set of DVDs.”

Mike S.
“Firstly, I would like to emphasize how truly educational SAT Tutor in a Box were for me. Not only did they teach specific concepts required for the SAT, but they also allowed me to understand each answer and why that answer was correct. Secondly, it was Mike’s approach and explanations that in the end contributed to me learning the more difficult concepts.”

Andrew K.
“I find SAT Tutor in a Box very helpful. I love how I can always rewind it and play it again if I don’t understand a concept. And the workbook is great because I get to try problems on my own first, and I can see what I need to work on right away.”

Marissa C.
“SAT Tutor in a Box have really helped me in the process of preparing for the SAT. I remember the skills and techniques that are used during the video when it comes time to take practice tests. I have definitely seen improvement on my scores because of using the DVDs.”

Jayne G.
“SAT Tutor in a Box is a great tool for learning and practicing concepts and test taking skills for the real test. They are easy to understand, and the visual factor helps keep your focus. I recommend SAT Tutor in a Box to anyone studying for the SAT.”

Brad Z.
“SAT Tutor in a Box helped me dramatically in raising my scores. Not only was I able to watch how different problems were done step by step, but I was able to rewind and review how to work through different questions.”

Jamie F.
“Before I studied with Mike, I had no clue about the SAT; afterward, I felt that I could teach someone else the test. He builds your confidence and motivates you to do the work, sure, but he also teaches you how to beat the test at its own game.”

Eric S.
“I never want to take the SATs again, but if I had to I’d go nowhere other than to Mike for tutoring. Not only did he help increase my score by over 200 points on the ‘old’ SAT, but his unique personality and teaching method made the experience much more enjoyable. I highly recommend Mike, as he can certainly help you increase your score, and have a fun time while doing it.”

Eric L. University of Pennsylvania
Wharton School of Business
“For a procrastinator like me, Mike was invaluable in helping me set realistic schedules and goals for the SAT. On the day of the SAT, I was able to walk into the testing room confident that I was going to do well – all thanks to Mike’s preparation. When I got my results, I was happy to find out that Mike had helped me raise my score almost 300 points on the ‘old’ SAT.”

Jon K. Cornell University
“I have gone to three different SAT I tutors and Mike is by far the best. He helped me raise my score greatly because doing work for him does not seem like work. He is able to relate to kids and that is why he is so effective.”

Matt B.
“I would never have gotten my score without Mike’s help. Whether it was math strategy, study skills or his levity and humor, his tutoring made a huge impact on my SAT score and my life.”

Orly E.
“When I came to Mike at the beginning of my junior year, I was probably like any other reluctant teenager about to embark on the onerous and tedious journey of SAT preparation. Dragged into his office by my parents, being tutored for a test was the last thing I wanted to do. However, if it is possible to believe, Mike was able to bring life to the most boring of material. Mike has figured the SATs out to a science, and is able to make preparation a challenge that intrigues and involves even the most hesitant of kids (me). Not only is Mike able to teach you the ins and outs of any type of question the SAT will throw at you, but he also has the ability to encourage and instill the confidence and self-assurance needed to get you to the goal you strive for. One could not ask for anything more in a tutor. Mike was the reason I achieved the goal I set for myself, and he helped me enjoying getting there.”

David C. Dartmouth College
“Mike provides a service that gives students a significant edge in preparation for the SAT’s. My SAT score improved over 200 points on the ‘old’ SAT under his guidance. I would recommend Mike to anyone seeking help.”

Jason G. George Washington University
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