Disc 1: The Basics

Disc 1: introduces SAT Tutor in a Box, and explains how to use the method in order to maximize your benefit.

The lessons on this disc introduce SAT Tutor in a Box, and explain how to use it in order to maximize your benefit. The basic structure of the SAT is examined, as well as numerous ways you can overcome bad study habits you may be struggling with, including motivation and procrastination problems. How to take practice tests, how to use practice tests to increase your score, and how to take the real SAT are also all covered on this disc. Many students claim that this disc is their favorite, as so many of the study skills & techniques can be applied to an almost unlimited number of other situations, tests, and so on.

Contents [Index numbers, found in the lower right-hand corner of each panel both on-screen and in the workbook, are formatted Disc#-Panel#. The first number refers to the disc the lesson is on, and the second number indicates the starting panel.]

  • The Basics: Intro 1-1, in which the ground rules of the DVDs are explained. Start with this lesson; the corresponding workbook pages begin on the next page.
  • The Plan: 1-2, in which basic questions about the SAT and skill building in general are addressed. What is the SAT? How is it formatted? What should you do each day to prepare for it? Find out here.
  • Motivation/Procrastination: 1-5, which focuses on how you can get yourself working towards your goals more effectively, and how you can deal with procrastination, lack of motivation, distraction, and other pitfalls.
  • How to Work on a Test: 1-8. Want the secrets of great test taking? This lesson will teach you how to be a more effective test taker, by showing you how to eliminate your careless mistakes, pace yourself, manage stress, guess, and maximize your score no matter what level you’re at. Also, this lesson will show you how to make your practice tests more useful and effective, and exactly how and where to take them (many of these techniques apply just as well to tests of any kind.)
  • How to Go Over a Practice Test: 1-14. You’ve taken a practice test. Now what? This lesson explains how you can increase your score using the wealth of information a practice test provides (if you know where to look, and how).
  • The Night Before: 1-18: What to do (and what not to do) to cut your stress so that you can rest the night before.
  • The Day of the Test: 1-19: The big day! This lesson will show you how to maximize your performance when you finally take the SAT for real.

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