Disc 7: Math A

Math SAT

Disc 7:Integer manipulations, exponents, functions, algebra, and more.

Disc 7 primarily addresses many different math concepts. Integer manipulations, exponents, functions, algebra, prime factors, percentages, averages, and set operations are just some of the topics covered here.

Contents [Index numbers, found in the lower right-hand corner of each panel both on-screen and in the workbook, are formatted Disc#-Panel#. The first number refers to the disc the lesson is on, and the second number indicates the starting panel.]

  • Math A #1: 7-1; Basic integer manipulations, multiplying and dividing fractions, cross multiplying, reciprocals, and exponents are all examined.
  • Math A #2: 7-13; Squaring, square roots, and more exponent manipulations.
  • Math A #3: 7-21; More involved exponent manipulations.
  • Math A #4: 7-29; Union/intersection, absolute value, numeral/digit/decimal places, simple functions.
  • Math A #5: 7-37; Order of operations review.
  • Math A #6: 7-45; Basic algebraic manipulations, including FOIL.
  • Math A #7: 7-53; Factoring, simple properties of variables, ratio problems.
  • Math A #8: 7-61; Algebraic properties, inequalities, factoring, canceling, distributing.
  • Math A #9: 7-69; Prime factors, perfect squares and perfect cubes, recognizing multiples.
  • Math A #10: 7-77; Mean (average), median, and mode problems.
  • Math A #11: 7-85; Percent & percent change.
  • Math A #12: 7-93; Sets, overlap, ratios, recognizing patterns, column addition & subtraction.
  • Math A #13: 7-101; Remainder division, calculator tricks/tips, sums of integer sequences.

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